There she is…

While reading the SL Tribune last night, I found this article about Miss Utah 2008, Jill Stevens. She is a Utah National Guard combat medic VETERAN turned beauty pagaent contestant.

So, what makes that worth the blog post?

Cool for many reasons.

1- She gives a better name to U.S. female soldiers. They can be muti-faceted, not just some butch girls with no femininity.
2- She gives a better name to the Miss America pageant. See, we are progressing. It’s not just about the looks.
3- She is a wonderful representative for the LDS church. She was the only contestant to wear a one piece bathing suit. And, modest or not, she still looks great.

The really cool part of the story is that this Miss Utah bid farewell by hitting the floor for some push-ups. Many of the contestants (that could hold their own) joined her. Check out this video.



  1. What a girl! I’m normally not a pageant person, but this was a great opportunity to be an example to other young girls in the country. I never thought of it that way!!! You never know when a missionary moment will pop up.

  2. I loved watching her! She stuck to her guns on who she was, and what she believed. I saw her being interviewed and she was asked if she could change one thing what woulc it be? She replied with something like nothing. Because then it would mean that I wasn’t satisfied with myself and I would really need to work on something. What confidence and self esteem!By the way thanks for the daily pick me up. i love to read your stuff it always makes me smile!

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