Need Attention?

I just came up with a theory. It’s not scientific, but based on my own thoughts.

I think that middle children, only children, and youngest children need more attention. They need more affirmations too. So, what do they do when they grow up and aren’t children anymore? They take their need for attention into their blogging world.

So, here is my question, are you a middle, youngest or only child? I am going to wager that a good 80% of bloggers fall into the above category. Let me know if I am right. Feel free to leave a comment to tell me if you think I am wrong too. It doesn’t mean that I will believe you, but I would like you to try to disprove my theory….Surely, science can’t be this easy.



  1. Smack dab in the middle…4 of 10. Of course I think my love for blogging is because I have always loved journaling. I have journals back from when I was like 7 years old. Maybe I started writing in my journal because none of my siblings wanted to talk to me 🙂

  2. I am an only child — I have never felt like an attention seeker, but maybe I am without realizing it. I know I hate to be the center of attention, so I try hard not to be.Interesting theory Alice…

  3. I am a middle child… and yes i do agree with what you said. Sometimes I am jealous of people who have these absolute loving memories of their childhood.. cause i dont have many to share…

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