Scenes from the Utah trail

We were going to go on another
family bike ride for
Family Home Evening
last night
until we realized
it was a bad idea
because of Sophia’s broken arm.

So, we had Abigail give a lesson instead
from True to the Faith.
She had to do it for Personal Progress.
Might as kill two birds with one stone.

She taught us all about
modesty and profanity.

Abigail was sure to look in my direction
on that second one.
Damn semantics.
I can’t do it all.
And my pet sin is
an occasional swear word.
Didn’t it work for
J. Golden Kimball?

And really
what is the difference between
saying DANG or DAMN?
Go ahead,
feel free to enlighten me
and judge me
and tell me how evil I am.
I am such a horrible mother.
As evidenced by dinner
being served at almost
8 p.m. last night.

Whatever you do,
make sure and tell your kids not to read
my blog.
I would hate to be a role model.
The thought of it makes me cringe.

Sorry for the tangent.
Back to the bike ride.
We love riding in Utah.
It’s our family hobby.
And oh so much fun.

Check out the view
and tell me you don’t want to join us.

Yep, those are two deer,
right up the road.

Abigail said
“Mom, look,
it’s the kind of tree
that every kid draws.”
Only  seen in Utah
and children’s doodle books
in your part of the world.
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P.S. Biking is a great cheap source of entertainment.
And, did I mention great exercise?



  1. Very unique tree… I love that you enjoy riding so much.

    I swear too!!! The other day I stopped at a convenience store… as I lifted my bag it knocked over another customers fountain soda… I said Damn-it!!! and loud. I was so embarrassed and they (the person whose drink I dumped and the cashier were so kind about it… they could tell I was upset.)


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