Growing thicker skin

I am not taking the advice of my good friends, and bowing out.
Thanks for a great post Wayne.

My brother told me to grow thicker skin or get a new hobby.
Will be contemplating which one will work best for me.
I am pretty certain I am not going to quit blogging.

So I will probably be googling how to grow thicker skin
At this point, I still don’t regret sticking up for myself, not one bit.

But ask me how I feel tomorrow.



  1. Wow!

    Things have been a little crazy over here… just read 'Dear BIG time BLOGGERS'… and then onto the linked culprit. Wow!!


    Adults can be as brutal as middle school kids… and eleven year old girls… and I am glad that I have not had anyone openly attack me yet… cause my skin is paper thin these days.


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