Hey Judicial LG

Hey Jude!

Alrighty, Here is the long awaited video that LG was hoping I would forget about. Hit the “Hey Jude” link above. You should have seen LG’s face when he finished helping me post this on googlevideos. It was a three way tie between total fear, complete embarassment and ‘imsofunny”. You know I have to thank LG for two things: 1 -for acting like a complete dork and 2 – You know I couldn’t have uploaded this video without his help. It only took us five days to figure out how to do it. I hope it was worth the trouble.

As I saw the embarassed smirk on LG’s face, all I could say is, “At least it’s not YouTube, right?”I think that this is absolutely hillarious, if you didn’t already know that bymy laughter that drowns out LG as a star on the video. Those of you that know LG will really enjoy it. The rest of you, may just have to suffer.

One of the best parts of the video is Uncle Dirk’s comment at the very end…it is in the background very quietly…In Uncle Dirk’s best southern boss hogg accent, “There’s a trial lawyer in you yet, boy” or something like that.

LG was totally hamming it up at Claytor Lake with the family Karoake Bar. I LOVE Karaoke! Can you tell that LG was happy to have the Bar Exam finally completed! And of course, The Beatles bring out the best in him.



  1. Oh my goodness that made me laugh!!! Tell LeGrand thanks for the chuckle this morning — really, I had to watch it twice! 🙂I would never have imagined LeGrand was the karaoke type! I’m impressed!

  2. That was just the wedding singer bad. He actually sounded prety good until after the 3rd better. ANyway I totally am going to watch that when i need a good laugh. Also come next summer when he need some advertizing that will be perfect for the local tv station. lol love you LG. I think you are the great guy. In many ways. love NA

  3. OH MY GOSH! Ok, my family would totally and completely hang with your family! Your dh fits right in with my personality and my dh’s personality! WE would rock the house with karaoke!! come on when can we meet up??? I love your laugh Alice! I have a loud laugh too! WE would be crazy fun as couples.

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