Aisley Paisley

My newest niece!

Aisley is a CUTIE, isn’t she? They considered naming her Ainsely, but we all concurred that it wouldn’t be a good name for a little Mormon girl….sounds too much like the name of a beer.

Now that we have one nephew on LeGrand’s side, that brings the whopping total of nieces and nephews to 19 and one on the way. Crazy. My kids are so fortunate to have so many cousins.

Well, I don’t have anything funny to say, but lucky for you I feel like rambling a bit. I just tried to google my blog with a search for im so funny and got 19 pages of results. After checking 6 pages, I gave up. Guess I am not going to be famous. Oh well.

I heard a good quote the other day. “In this world, the thing that matters most is, not how many people know you when you die, but how your close family and friends feel about you.”

So, since you guys are the only ones who read this blog, I sure do hope you like me a little bit or else I have failed on both ends.


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