Kitty Bear

Our newest addition. LG has been bugging me for the past year to get a cat. He just likes to think of ways to give me more work. Between his pestering and the girls’ begging for a “pet”, I finally conceded. I had forgotten how much I love animals. She is a lot of fun.

A woman that works with LG is a huge animal person and rescues a lot. She had two little kittens that she was trying to get find a home for and kept on my husband about it. He kept on me for several weeks, and, there you have it, we are now the proud family of a little kitty.

LG told me that there was an orange cat and a black one. I was still waivering quite strong as to whether or not I wanted to take on another responsibility. Every five minutes I would change my mind. I finally gave it a 50/50 chance and told him that if the black one was a girl, we would take her.

Sure enough, she’s a girl…just like all of our other kids. So, LG told this advocate for animals that we would take her. (Come to find out, she hadn’t rescued these animals, they were from her own litter) What kind of advocate for animals doesn’t have their cat spayed? Doesn’t she watch The Price is Right? Maybe she is an advocate for feminist animals and doesn’t want to take her cat’s right away to procreate. blah blah blah

So, LG calls me and tells me that he was going to go and pick up our new cat. He had been so excited because her name was Bear and he thought that was a cute name for a cat. LG then threw in for good measure: by the way, her name is Bear because she doesn’t have a tail. I thought he was pulling my leg. I really had been suckered. I was now stuck with a tailess cat. You can’t tell the animal advocate that you don’t want her flawed cat.

Well, she doesn’t have a tail, but I found out that this wasn’t a birth defect. Some breeds of cats don’t have long tails. (Who knew) She has a short stubby tail and looks just like a little bear when she gets up on her hind legs. As soon as I investigated and saw that her stump of a tail was covered with fur, I was o.k. We are all in love with this cat. She kills the crickets that used to love to breed in our laundry room. She is riot at night when she goes crazy. And our girls now love to tell everyone that they finally have a pet. They say, “She is a cat; her name is Bear; she doesn’t have a tail!”


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