Family Friendliness Forgotten at the VMA’s

We don’t really watch much TV, so I didn’t have to experience the VMA shock like a lot of my other friends last night. The reactions of friends have supported our family’s choice to limit the media’s influence in our home.

If you didn’t see it and just want as little exposure as possible,
I highly recommend this article:
15 weirdest and craziest moments from Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance
and trust me it will make you want to shower.

Sick and wrong people. Sick and wrong. I don’t want to judge, I really don’t. I don’t understand all things entertainment and so maybe I am missing something. I am sure Miley is a sweet girl. It seems like she has just gotten her identity a bit messed up. I will tell you that this is just one little piece of a very dark and scary puzzle for the deterioration of the family. Last year, I went to see the movie Pitch Perfect and although I loved the music, I thought the same thing as I just did while watching Hannah Montana pimp herself out: What is this world coming to? Later I found out that the children of many of my conservative friends had all seen Pitch Perfect. It’s a movie full of foul sexual innuendos.

Here is a clean scene from the show.

Essentially this scene alone teaches our girls it’s o.k. to shower with whatever guy will give them attention, it’s o.k. to walk around nude and confident, it’s o.k. to storm another person’s privacy. Not even only that it’s o.k. but it’s glamorous. So, my question is really this. Why is anyone out there with 2 shakes left in their brain shocked at Miley’s performance? We are creating these monsters people. We create them with our apathy towards sexually implicit and explicit material that is marketed towards our kids.

Some of you may think I sound like a prude. Maybe I am. My kids think so because they are some of the only kids they know who haven’t seen Pitch Perfect. Do I feel oppressive? Hell no. I feel like a superhero mom who is giving my kids a Northern Star of conduct.  Let them sneak out to watch it at their friends’ houses and while they are watching it, they will feel guilty. They will feel dirty. They will understand why I wanted to shelter them from it all. They will probably feel some sexual reaction in their body, and they will know that their sexuality should be private and dignified. When they don’t ever end up on a stage stripping for the whole world to gawk in awkwardness, I will know that I did my job right.