Book Review: Touch and Go

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Touch & GoTouch & Go by Lisa Gardner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You know you’ve found yourself a good thriller when a week after finishing it, your mind is still reeling and your husband is down for the count with his nose in your book. Needless to say, we both loved Touch and Go. {Warning to my very conservative readers: this book has some profanities that you won’t appreciate. Yet, it’s still a great book.}

Touch and Go by Lisa Gardner is a suspenseful piece of fiction that tells a thrilling story of the kidnapping of an affluent Bostonian businessman, his wife, and daughter. The books explores the kidnapping from several angles: the wife of the businessman – Libby, the family business’ private investigator – Tessa, and a backwoods cop from New Hampshire – Wyatt. For me, reading from each of the three perspectives added rich background and a playful mind-jogging mood. “Well if he thinks that, then what about this? If this is going on there, then why doesn’t the investigator talk to..”

I’m so glad I read the book and I’m so grateful to Lisa Gardner for writing a story that took me into my fictional reading dimension, it’s one of my favorite places to be: inside a story that exists only on the pages of a book and in my mind. Yes, I personally figured out whodunit about halfway through but that is a talent of mine. My hubby didn’t figure it out until he read it for himself and even then he didn’t believe it. Great read. Highly recommend it. I plan to go and check out more of Lisa Gardner, especially the book titled Love You More that explores the character Tessa Leoni when she used to be a cop.

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