Journal entry

This photo has been sitting in my draft-box waiting for
some commentary and a publish button.
I think it speaks for itself.
My kids are hilarious.
You will have to guess which one wrote this.
Also, I do believe it is a great argument
for the therapeutic benefits of journal writing.

January 17, 2012
Today I lost the spelling bee
and drawing in my notebook
which happened to bee the only
thing that got my mind
off of the spelling bee
BE IN!!!! 😦 And mad
girls are way! meaner than any boy
in any place no matter how strong or
evil they are. And little 10 year
old mad girls are the 
WORST! Which I happen
to be one 10 year old girl.

And of course,
the best part of the whole thing
was the misspell on
It’s an even greater read when
you personally know the angry girls
who were also beat out of their chance
at spelling bee bragging rights.
Those bragging rights are a big deal in Utah.
Oops, I just tagged the guilty party. lol
At least now when I look back on this
in 10 minutes,
when I don’t remember my kids’ handwriting
I will remember who own this masterpiece.
I love being a mom.

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