1. simply beautiful.let this be a lesson to ALL bully’s everywhere.In listening to this young mans story I was reminded of a friend of mine. His name is Eddie Cottam. Eddie had a wonderful talent for music and he also had a beautiful voice. He was teased and bullied by other boys our age… he moved away for awhile and made progress. But the teasing continued once he moved back… in less than three months my friend Eddie shot himself in the head ending his life. Seriously…we need to put an end to bully’s all of us as parents need to teach our children that although someone may be different from us… their talents are unique and everyone deserves the right to joy in life.For this young man and Eddie I too give you a standing ovation.ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  2. As soon as he began singing, I started to tear up! His voice is incredible and no matter if he wins or not he will do great things! You don’t mind if I post this on my blog do you? Thanks for the inspirational post 🙂

  3. That was absolutely amazing. I’m so glad he entered the competition. I think it will be fun to watch to see how he does. So sad about the bullying–Sheila’s story made me so sad. Everyone does deserve the right to have joy.

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