My monster’s attitude of gratitude

I meant to post this picture for Halloween.
Sophia made some pretty cool art pieces
with her birthday clay.
In an upcoming post I will show you
Caroline torturing the poor things.
One tooth at a time.
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This morning I found a worksheet 
Sophia brought home from school.

I thought it was poignant
into the mind of a child that is truly grateful.
T eachers
H appiness
A merica
N ets
K indness
S ophia
G reatness
 I nternet
V acations
I ce Cream
N iceness
G randparents
I think I am grateful for all the same things, but I most enjoyed her insight into “nets”. 
What would we do without nets?
I’ve been posting daily on facebook things I am grateful for. I thought you may like to hear.
I have adopted an attitude of gratitude in my life in the past few years
and it has changed my very nature. 
I have so much more joy than I used to when I thought so negatively all the time.

Count your blessing. Every day this month tell us something you are thankful for. Big or small. Day 1 – I am thankful that I am not diabetic. I am pretty sure I would be dead sometime in the last 24 hours.

Day 2 of gratitude (Did I start this? because if I did that’s cool) I am grateful that I understand that when I love myself AND others at equal levels I am happiest

3: I am grateful for all my ladies (whichever state or religion they belong to). Laughing with the ladies last night at church was the highlight of my birthday.

Day 4: Today I am grateful for prayer. God is always there for me and He really does speak when we learn to listen.

Day 5 (belated) I am grateful that families can be together forever.

Day 6 (belated) I am grateful for amazing parents who although flawed are amazing examples of Christ-like love and devotion.

Day 7 (belated) I am grateful for a body that although flawed can work and serve. I am grateful for a sister with whom I can ALWAYS laugh. Love you Renee Wills Rymer. I am grateful that God got me home throw the snow-storm last night and that I had full confidence that he would protect me with a voice of warning.

Day 8: I am grateful for the great minds who put words on a page that touch my heart and mind. Books are quite possibly my best friends.

Day 9: I am thankful that I have been blessed with such a strong love for my husband and that I have the assurance that he loves me too because today I really need that. ROFL When are we ever going to get the honeymoon phase?

Day 10: I am grateful for the privilege of being a mother. My daughters amaze me every day. They are growing so fast and are always so beautiful. My daughters are God’s way of telling me that I can’t be all that bad. Thank you God for entrusting them to me and letting me watch them become amazing young ladies.

Day 11: I am grateful for a toddler who will watch TV. Even if this makes me a bad mom (especially for admitting it publicly) I get some much needed scripture/prayer/meditation time in the mornings when she watches TV.

Day 12: I’m thankful for old photo albums and great memories. Man, we thought our lives were hard when we had three kids under 4; those were good old days…I need to remember that on the hard days now.

Day 12: (I guess this is really a second entry for yesterday since today is Day 13. What can I say? Sundays make me extra grateful. 🙂Today I am grateful that my husband and I have made such great progress…we can actually go over the budget and still be speaking. It only took 14+ years for us to finally meet in the middle. Now, he spends the money and I tell him not to.

Day 13: Today we had a lesson at church about The Millennium. We discussed how the ones who won’t be destroyed by fire will be the good people of all faiths and even the good people who were agnostic. Came home to many status updates from friends of all religions who went to church anywhere and everywhere today…so grateful for so many GREAT friends who are indeed GOOD people. Hope to see you all at The Second Coming.

Day 14: I am grateful for sleep, even if I have to take medication to get it. It’s so nice to wake up in the morning knowing you were able to rest your mind and body.

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