Hello? Anybody there?

I don’t want to be manipulative. I have worked really hard at learning that people have their own choices to make and that I need to give them the space to for their own choices. Boy, that was a hard lesson to learn too. Especially when you grow up in a family where everyone is always up in everybody else’s business.

But, I am curious. Does anyone even read this little blog anymore? I think I killed it to death. According to my stat counter, I know I get hits, but I was really really surprised that I just wrote a post giving away a free shirt with a value of $20 and I have not received one entry yet. Not one. Is it just that all of you don’t want to go over to their website before leaving a comment? Or is it that I harped on the modesty thing too much? Or are you all like me and think you will never win anyway? Or is there really just no interest in the amazing halftee?

Anyway, I’ve been blogging a long time and lately this here little blog has been in a big ‘ol drought in the comment department. I can’t even get a comment on a giveaway. I believe it may be time to hang up the towel. I am not saying that to make you feel sorry for me, but I’ve been open with y’all during the whole journey and I feel like I should also be open at the end.

I don’t blog solely for comments. I will always blog for my kids. I think they deserve their stories to be written and this here blog is the best place I have found for that to be done (with pictures to boot), but let’s face it, if nobody is enjoying this thing I may as well slow down in the posting department. It’s all good, I’ve got other ambitions and plenty of other avenues in the writing department. I have three books I have been too afraid to commit to and even if I am kidding myself with my writer’s ambitions there is always my neglected good old fashioned journal.

I wonder if everyone isn’t reading blogs anymore? Has facebook and twitter taken over? I know there are great popular blogs out there with large audiences so it can’t be that blogging is no more. I have recently had time to reflect that mine will probably never be one of those of blogs. It’s o.k! I think that it’s time for me steer myself in another direction and trust God to a greater degree. I know He’s got my back. It’s not that those other bloggers are better than me, it’s just that they found their callings in life, and I have not.

I have grown with this blog. It has been like the fertilizer to my roots, but I believe it may be time to not just bud, but flower. I need to flower in another direction. Toward the sun.

What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I believe it’s time for me to change. I believe it’s time for me to let go. I believe it’s time for me to grow some wings and fly away from the mediocrity of comfort.

This blog may not have the ending that I have wanted all these years, which is thousands of readers, but it’s not because of lack of effort and that is such a comfort to me. It will end with a fundamental change in me. That change is I no longer need thousands of readers. What good are thousands of readers if you aren’t doing what God wants you to do. I’ve given it all I’ve got. I’ve come to the conclusion that this blog is just not my calling in life, no matter how much I want it to be. I’m not saying that to get your sympathy. I just want to be honest with myself. I have prayed a lot about this very thing. What is my mission in life? I want to use the time I’ve got in the way God wants.

I have taken this blog to good places. I have gotten hundreds of thousands of hits. I have been recognized by other bloggers. Most of all I have made some wonderful blogging world friends. My greatest recognition has been the times when you, my friends, have laughed and cried along with me. It’s been a great ride. A great ride. It’s something that I am very proud of. I don’t walk away with my head hung in shame, but I will walk away with a greater vision and more courage than ever before. It’s time for Alice to let go of her desires and get more in tune with God’s will.

Yes, it’s time. No matter how much I want to fight it. I’ve given this blog almost a decade of my life and it’s time to let it go. Thank you friends for helping me get to where I am, even if it was just vicariously by being my imaginary readers. I thank each of you for being my audience because I know that took a lot of patience on your part.

I have scheduled out some posts and I have a bunch of drafts I need to finish, but after that I believe I will post only the family stories that I can’t bear to forget or things that God puts on my heart.

Wow, this is emotional for me, but it’s also exciting. God is so good to me. He has waited to let me see the need for forfeit after He gave me the strength for it and the vision for something else. Thank you my loving Father in Heaven. Thank you. Thank you for the past. Thank you for the future. But most of all thank you for the present moment when I know you are here with me.

This blog will never be by the wayside. It has been my northern star.


  1. Yes Someone is here!!!! I read your blog everyday, and yes it makes me smile and laugh. Its good to know that there is someone else out there that has problems and concerns just like the rest of us. Keep it up, its one of the highlights of my day!!

  2. Usually have time to only read and not comment. Slow moment at work right now. Rare occurrence. I am so busy that reading is about all I can do and only a couple times a week.

    I don't think anyone reads mine, but my kids. And that's why I do it. Well and sometimes to vent, but not often. I'm too tired in my brain to think of a post that sounded good earlier in the day, week, month…

  3. I check your blog EVERY day. I love it. I didnt comment on your half tee give away because I NEVER win. Never never never. I did go over to their website though and almost bought a few halftees because they are awesome! I have to wait till pay day though.I am kind of tired of wearing undershirts that are long. They just dont work well under dresses, but a halftee would be perfect. I didnt even know that they existed. If you like blogging, keep doing it. But if you arent doing it for yourself anymore, then take a break. I like how you are so honest on your blog. I cant be like that on mine. I have too many really judgemental family-in-laws and friends who read my blog, and I dont want to read their comments about anything. I dont like to be vulnerable in that way, but you let your opinion about stuff be known which is one reason I read your blog. I wish I could write stuff on mine like you do on yours.

  4. I think you hit the nail on the head when you asked if FB has replaced blog reading. I hardly ever look at blogs anymore. I think too, that the newness of it has worn off, at least for me. I quit writing on my blog several years ago and really quit reading them then, too.

  5. dang it i typed a big long post? did it not work? I'm to lazy to post again, I'm usually to lazy to comment once, and now i gotta do it twice? It basically said i read your blog weekly and love it, just to lazy to comment.

  6. Whatever you do you will be brilliant at it! DUH– you're Alice! I don't read blogs often but I try to make the time to check in on you here and there because you really are so funny and I like to feel like I know what shenanigans you are up to 🙂

  7. Blogs have taken a funny turn in the last couple years. I read 'em, sometimes, but don't ever comment anymore. I read yours all the time, but yeah, I don't comment. I'm sorry. I love you and love reading your words, and I laugh out loud…to myself.

    I miss you. I'll miss you more now.

  8. I read you all the time. Here lately I have been very busy and had a bunch of things going on, but I still make time to read. I didn't comment on the Halftees because when I clicked on the blog, it told me the link was broken, so I couldn't even read it.
    I am confident that no matter what you do you will do it well, but if you go just know you will be very missed!!

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