The BeaUty of Utah

My post is late today.
I prayed this morning that God would help me prioritize
and use my time wisely.
I seem to have this issue lately with being attached to my computer.
I guess my prayers were answered
because I got all three of my bathrooms cleaned.
And boy did they need it.
They needed it before I was sick last week.
And now every member of the family 
has had their turn being sick,
except for Abigail;
she never gets sick.
She is like an alien or something.

I am so glad I didn’t clean bathrooms before everyone got sick.
So much better to clean them after.
Instead of cleaning them both before and after.

God is always watching out for me.
As I was cleaning bathrooms today
God was with me.
Weird I know.
How do I know he was with me?
I felt a deep sense of joy and gratitude.
Those are fruits of the spirit.
I was so grateful for my bathrooms.
LG and I have our own half bath now
and it is a luxury to us.
Our bathrooms are all recently remodeled
which makes them really easy to clean.
I was grateful for my man.
He went to work today
even though he is still a little sick.
Thank you LG
for being the provider for our family.
I was grateful for our neighbors,
most of which are also church friends.
Only in Utah.
I am so excited about
trick or treating
in a three block radius
full of people
we know and love from church.
I am grateful for my kiddos.
Sophia just turned 10
and I see her growing into a lovely
young lady, just like Abigail.
Bella is such a great worker.
And Caroline is keeping us young.
I am mostly grateful for my new life in the Lord.
I have a much deeper and greater relationship with Him
because of the trials I have faced in the past decade.
I know He is with me. Always.
He makes me happy,
and I have such a positive outlook on life
because He helps me overcome my weaknesses.
So on to the photos.
I have a bunch of new Autumn landscapes
waiting on my camera
for download and publish,
so I guess I better give you
the last of the summer shots.

You could probably find a photo like this on every block in Utah.
It just makes me giddy to think
about all the good people going to church
at the foot of the strong mountains.

This was a messed up shot
when Bella was swinging at the park.
I thought it should be metaphorical for something.
Any ideas?

I imagined NieNie out on this boat 
at Utah lake
with her family.
LG and I rode our bikes down on the trail
a few weeks back.
We rode through a bunch of burs
and got all four of our tires flat.
A nice nice woman stopped to get me
and take me home
so I could come back and pick up LG.
That’s what it’s like in Utah.
Good people everywhere.

I love sunsets.

Sunset at the park during football practice.

I think I should win some kind of award for this shot.

The tents at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.
We got to play in them when they were empty.
We rode our bikes as a family down the canyon.
A lady in the public restroom gave me tips on how to have a boy.
They had four girls and she was pregnant with a boy.
Only time will tell if her tips were true.
Because Scouts honor she says they were tried.

Another day, another sunset.
We may not be beaUtiful to you,
but we are beaUtiful to us,
and that is all that matters.

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  1. I have always thought Utah was beautiful. Every fall I remember hiking in Sundance and driving to Provo Canyon. Keep enjoying it and yes the sunflower shot is good. 😉

  2. I just found your blog from your facebook post recently. It is fun to read. Will you e-mail me? I would love to get in touch.
    –Lisa Allen Pratt
    lisa @ johnpratt. com

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