Gender Roles

The gender roles: thank goodness they don’t have to be black and white.
When we were newlyweds, (10.5 years ago!!) LG and I took a sociology for the family class together. Of course, LG humored me by taking the sociology class. Soft sciences aren’t really his thing. (He had no idea at the time, that he married a girl whom would take him on a complex psychological journey) I forgot how fun that was to study together. We also took a health class together. (I had no idea at the time that we should have paid better attention to our health instruction)
Anyhow, I remember learning about gender roles in this sociology class and how their definitions are getting more and more intertwined. I was somewhat happy at the time feeling like it would be o.k. that I married a man who was more nurturing than me.
I also felt extremely validated because I had married a man who appreciated me for the strong willed girl that I am. I sometimes kid when I am trying to explain my differences from other women that I am a “manly girl”. (not in a gay way) I just enjoy doing things on my own and not being that damsel in distress.
Last night as LG and I were discussing our friends’ baby, LG said how impressed he was with our friend Dave’s ability to be nurturing. I said to him, “I love it, you are the exact same way.” and then I added, “I am not so nurturing, huh?” LG said, “You are with the babies.” (I will take that in a complimentary sort of way and add the realization that I can do a better job with my big grown babies – including LG)
Even though LG and I are still constantly trying to work out our gender roles, I am still a firm believer that the women were meant to be the nurturers and the men the protectors. (What else explains the fact that he can’t handle throw up and I couldn’t “kill off” that injured bird outside) I love it when I find scientific things that support the teachings of the church.


  1. That is a very sweet picture! Love this post Alice — makes me think about how opposite I think Matt and I are and I wonder how in the world can we be SO opposite and married. But sometimes, I feel the ways in which we differ compliment each other. (and sometimes he just drives me crazy! LOL)

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