Potter and Johnson

I need to blog. I need to dig into some photos on my hard drive and share some fun stuff we’ve done.
I need to write some funny stuff.

But what am I doing?

Watching this of course:

Pottermore has my loyalty.

Even if that darn JK refuses to write another book!

I’ve also been looking for lost classmates for my 20 year high school reunion.

That is so exciting. It also makes me feel very old. It’s also puzzling a bit.
Why can’t anyone find Ted Johnson?

He has his own wikipedia page and the only way I could think to find him was to send his booking agent a note. I hope he will pass it along. It wouldn’t be the same without Ted. He’s the one that broke the news to me that I won at my election for Sophomore class president. I should have kissed him like this. You can get away with things like that in the moment of excitement. And out of all the boys I kissed in high school I really did my bragging rights a great disservice by not kissing the future SuperBowl champ. 4 superbowls people.

I am now really tempted to write nasty things about the Mormon boy who had the gall to call me a jack mormon in my yearbook who has repeatedly ignored my facebook friend requests. Funny thing is, he was a football player too. But never made it past college ball. And he was a kicker…not quite the same as sweet and hunky Ted the linebacker. And to think my friends thought he would be a match made in heaven for me when he moved in our Senior year. Blah on you Mr man who shall not be named Voldemort, but all of our classmates know who I am talking about. I dare you to show up at our reunion. Double dog dare. And Ted better be there to back me up. Oh forget Ted, I’ve got my husband to back me. And even though LG wouldn’t hurt a fly, he can outsmart anyone (o.k. most anyone) there I am sure. And after 20 years we better be past fist fighting.

So, I am now off to tumbling class. And then I will be slave driving all afternoon. These kids have got to do some chores! Sometimes I wish that the wizarding world was real. Accio clean laundry, please. Coming soon: the funny spells my kids invented.

I know you are dying for them now, but you are going to have to wait because I have to go and this post has been too long.



  1. Alice- I had wondered in the past when you mentioned “a certain someone” that refuses to add you as a friend. Thank you for making it crystal clear and relieving me of my needless curiousity. HAHA!!

  2. Now I am DYING of curiosity to know who this “Certain someone” is. I guess being a few years older, I was so UNAWARE of what was going on with all of that. But, it does make for a good story! Do I get a hint??

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