Hunting for Clothes

I haven’t done a thrifty post in a while. 
I can’t wait to post my hubby’s Father’s Day gifts. 
I did good. 
Really good.
And this morning I realized that I hadn’t done anything for our dads yet.
Not ugh to our dads, but ugh to my thoughtlessness.
So, the other day, Abigail and I went through her list of “to-pack” for her first year of church girl’s camp.
Enter squeals of delight. 
And lots and lots of vicarious living.
To our dismay, Abigail needed a winter coat.
She lost hers sometime in December and has been making due with heavy sweatshirts ever since.
Once we made it to the move in April, and it wasn’t so terribly cold here in Utah, we figured we wouldn’t have to worry about it again until next year.
We thought wrong.
There is still snow on the ground at the campsite.
Where am I going to find a winter coat in the middle of June?
No problem. We may find an even BETTER winter coat this time of year.
If we shop at the thrift store.
Which we do.
A lot.
So, guess what?
We found a $300 Nils winter ski jacket in almost brand new condition for  $18. I then used my 20% off coupon and saved a few more bucks.
The girl loves her new jacket
and I love it too.
It’s the prettiest most pale pink with black and white.
And apparently the black and white makes the pink acceptable.
Win win.
Needless to say, I’m a bargain hunter.
I like the idea of being a hunter.
On the prowl.
Anyhow, anyone with lots of kids knows that you save the hand me downs.
I guess Sophia and Bella will be the proud owners of a pale pink ski jacket someday.
Meanwhile, Abigail will be wearing it to camp,
and when she gets home, we will put it in her closet bin with the rest of her winter clothes.
Three times a year, I go through the bins.
Summer, winter, and back to school.
I’ve got it down to a science.
Three times a year, I take time with each child to inspect every article of their clothing.
We put “still using” articles back in the drawers and closet.
We hand down the “too small” but will fit your sister next season to the correct person’s bin.
And we retrieve and put away from the bin the seasonals:
bathing suits, long sleeves, sweaters, coats, shorts, etc.
It’s so exciting.
In a house full of girls,
clothes are a big hit.
And finding a shirt that you had forgotten 
about buying months before 
is the equivalent to remembering 
you have $20 in the pocket of your jeans.
Throughout the year, I buy “off season” on sale.
Meaning when winter and summer things go on sale,
I stock up in the appropriate sizes.
I put all my bargains in the bins.
When back to school time comes, 
I rarely have to get my kids anything 
because they usually have a few nice outfits waiting for them in their bin.
Outfits that I got for cheap.
Real cheap.
Oh and shoes I also got for cheap.
The new things lighten the disappointment from the hand me downs.
Or at least I like to think that they do.
But to tell you the truth,
with this system, I think my kids have an equal appreciation 
for new, handed down, or bought second hand.
I believe in affirmative action.
Equal opportunity for clothes of all backgrounds.
Caroline is wearing the things from this bin now.
Check out those cute tennis shoes and Tevas.
The tennis shoes were bought at Target last year for $2.
And the Teva’s were from a yard sale for a $1.
Both are in excellent condition.
And used equally.
And here is Sophia’s bin from last year.
Yeah for her teeny little frame.
All of her shorts still fit!
The only place I had to hunt was the bin at the house.


  1. Luckily, my kids love hand-me-downs. When someone brings over a big bag they think they've won the lottery. So do I. 🙂

  2. YOU my dear friend are so organized… and I remember I had 'hand-me-downs' in my day and I was the oldest of seven girls… but mine were handed down as well.


  3. My kids love “shopping” in the attic! Waste not want not.

    PS. I hope you get that job! I'm sure they thought you were wonderful.

  4. Glad to know there is someone else that is handy with clothing bins!! We change our clothes out at conference time. Only twice a year. And that is enough adventure for me!! LOVE the tevas. . .

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