C Jane’s Rooftop Concert

I have blogged several times about my new favorite blog.
I sent Courtney (who happens to be NieNie’s funny sister) an e-mail and asked her to guest post,
but I believe she has been so dang busy with 
that she hasn’t been able to respond.
I do give her the benefit of the doubt
because I really like her.
And decided I should keep reading her, even if she doesn’t read me.
And I really appreciate her sense of humor, her love for Provo and her efforts in the FREE rooftop series.
Did you hear the word FREE?
You all know how frugal I’ve become.
I jumped all over this opportunity.
I could satisfy my husband’s love for jazz AND maybe hopefully run into my favorite blogger.
One out of two ain’t bad.
We had a blast.
We got to listen to Mindy Gledhill, whom I really love.
And LG and I both got to check out a new Canadian artist that is all the rage: Meaghan Smith.
She was awesome. LG loved the souped up jazz form that is all her own.

I know crappy picture, but you all know my camera has been broken for a year.
I just thought you would like to have proof that we were actually there.
And, wow, what a view from the rooftop.
I love Utah.
I love my old workplace: NuSkin.
I love the mountains.
And I love our blue skies.
They just seem so much bluer than Knoxville’s.

These really sweet college co-eds let us squeeze in front of them.
The rooftop was packed, and we arrived late because I mistakenly thought that concert was at Provo Town Center, not Provo Town Square.

We thought it was so funny that one of our sweet concert friends was smack dab in the middle of our self pic.
She suggested we take one without her in it.
I told her I was going to do a before and after on the blog,
but she never asked for the blog address.
I guess it’s better that way.

Man, I need to color my hair desperately.
Wally world has been out of my color for weeks.

Here is another one of our newest friends, she is trying to hide from my behind the head shot.
I was trying to document how crowded the place was.
It was nervous making.
LG’s lawyer came out in him and he commented several times that we had to be breaking some fire-code and that if we had an earthquake we would all be done.
O.k maybe that wasn’t the lawyer in him, maybe it was the claustrophobia speaking.

One of the most fun things about attending a really crowded space, is people watching.
You got a picture yesterday of the chubby little boy next to us with chocolate all over his face.
I also tried to capture the family with 5 kids a few rows up. The dad was so cute wearing that baby backpack, but once again my crappy camera disappointed.

LG and I are always dumfounded at the new styles.
We are so behind the times.
We pegged this guy as gay for sure.
But, then he was all lovey with the lady.
Chalk another one up to old age.



  1. It was especially fun for me to see these pictures, as my son, Brad and his family were also at this concert. In fact, when Mindy sang, Brad held up his phone so I could listen to her “live.” She's one of my favorite artist. Then Brad sent me a music e-mail of her singing “Hourglass.” Very cool. He and his family actually walked to the concert from where they live. I'll refer him to your blog so he can see these shots.

    PS ~ I actually have quite a few of Mindy's songs on my Ipod, but it's fun to hear them live and in concert. What a great idea there in Provo—free concerts.

  2. I am so glad that you are thouroughly enjoying being back in Utah. I must say after my quick trip back to the U of U Hosptial and an appt. with my new Rheumatologist… I love the temperatures up north so much more than the ones here. (Left Logan at 50 degrees… came home to Moapa at 109 degrees) Sorry I didn't call my hubby went along and there was no time for fun. He had to hurry back to work. (WE did spend a couple days with our daughter in Logan and she thought that was not long enough)


  3. I am disappointed that you didn't meet C Jane or nienie at the concert. But THRILLED that you got to hear Mindy sing. That would have been an awesome experience. I've been pondering how much it would cost to bring her out to Boise to perform for me. (and alot of other friends who would help foot the cost. . )

  4. Yes, I am adding another comment, just so I can keep up with Sheila who is vying for the June prize. If we tie, can we both be mentioned in your blog?? :)(Is it evil to want to my 5 minutes of fame??)

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