Southern Drawls

The other day
LeGrand was getting onto Abigail.
How could she have a crush on a boy
who is always misspelling his texts?
I took the opportunity to tell him
that while I was on my mission
every time I read a letter from him,
I would cringe
and resist the urge to edit
with a red pen
and mail it back.
I know
I’m just a tad controlling.
But he had to admit
that I am about
the smartest gal in the world.
Not because I can spell
(for the most part)
but because I chose to marry him
before he could.
And he was in the 14th grade.
Abigail then said,
“Dad, it’s texting,
you don’t have to spell right.”
I am sure LeGrand
was secretly wishing that he
could have dated me via text.


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