The Captain of the Bee One Four

We have a friend whom we love and honor.
And respect immensely.
I was so relieved when he came home safe from
his stint in The War on Terror.
His name is Joe Hinson.
And he is the Captain of the Bee One Four.
And his son, who made this video, has a remarkable sense of humor.
As do all the Hinsons.
What can I say?
We funnies are attracted to each other.
I would have loved to be at Joe’s rank advancement ceremony
and watched the faces of his fellow servicemen
watching this video.
It’s awesome.
Purely awesome.
And funnier
if you know beforehand
that Joe is a good good guy.
He doesn’t swear.
Hardly ever.
Probably never.


  1. That is funny… funny enough to interrupt Tony's regular scheduled programming and have him come watch it… he loved it too.

    Welcome home Captain of the BeeOneFour!


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