I stole this photo from Rachel’s blog.
I am sure she won’t mind.
This is her at the hospital, surrounded by her volleyball team.
Rachel rocks on the volleyball court.
is a cool article about her team’s love for her

For a few years, while living in Utah,
we felt adopted into an amazing family.
We lived right next to the UVU campus in Grandma’s old house.
That is Grandma Steele’s old house.
LeGrand and I talk about the good memories of that time often.
We loved the people we went to church with,
we loved being close to campus,
and we loved the Steele’s.
We loved the peacocks, the dogs, the annie over games on our roof,
the little cousins who at times just walked in our door,
the occasional loose cow, the family resourcefulness,
the winning Pinewood Derby cars,
the music coming from Frost and Marie’s,
the garden out back, the annual easter egg hunt,
the Halloween pizza,
and just about everything.
One of our favorite things to do
was sneak out into the group of lawn chairs on Sunday nights.
They always spontaneously gathered at
Grandma Lucille’s and Grandpa Q’s who lived next door.
Under the big tree.
It’s like they were wired.
And after living there for a bit,
we did not want to be left out.
We were made to feel like family.
One time LG got a piece of mail that read:
Mr. LeGrand Q. Gold.
On that day, we knew it was official,
we were IN the family.
You see, LG really doesn’t have a middle name,
and there are countless Steele’s who have the middle initial Q,
after their beloved Grandpa.
Well, lately, I’ve been keeping up with Rachel.
You see, she started her own blog.
It’s one way she stays connected to the world,
during her long stays at Primary Children’s.
She was recently diagnosed with leukemia.
As far as we can tell, she is doing great.
We pray for her full recovery.
She is such a sweetie pie.
I remember one time she made Abigail
draw a picture of Abigail and cousin Joseph getting married.
Rachel also has an amazingly positive attitude
that is contagious.
I love reading her blog.
She is fun and funny.
Well, today I stumbled upon a video made for Rachel.
It is beautiful.
I wanted to share it.
Without words,
it screams,
There is nothing better than family.
Unless of course,
your family has close to 100 people.
Then you can handle most anything.
Even adopting a couple of more
young married students,
and their kids,
who are far away from home.
And we hope they are hearing us
all the way in Utah.
“We love you too Rachel.”
We wear UT Vol Orange all the time,
so I guess we have been supporting you all along.



  1. This has brought back so many wonderful memories! I am sure that everyone would love to go back 10 years, back to when life was a little more simple (and fun, cause you were around).

  2. Thanks for that great post. It makes my fam seem a little crazy (which we are–there are still cows out, and chickens roaming…) Sorry about the Annie over games! It can get so annoying. But we LOVED having your family here. And maybe one day Joe and Abigail can still get married…

  3. What an awesome family. Thanks for sharing. We will be praying for Rachel to have a complete remission! Love you guys!

    Angel, Jason & Christian

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