I think I named her perfectly.

The name Sophia means wise. My 2nd daughter seemed wise to me from the moment I laid eyes on her. She is so innocent, she exudes wisdom without even trying.

Here is one of her recent stories. I found it jotted down on a folded up piece of paper. She loves to draw and write. I hope she grows up to be a famous author/illustrator. Or a non-famous one. Either way she’ll be o.k. with it. Keep reading and you will see why.

On the top fold of this little homemade book it has the book’s title: “The Small Prisus.” That’s “The Small Princess” for those of you that don’t speak childrenese. O.k. I admit it, maybe her wisdom could be spread to the spelling department someday. (Oh I better not forget to spellcheck this post)

Here is the story:

“Once upon a time there was a prisus (at least she misspells consistently) in a
far away kingdom Pompae. (She got the place from The Magic Treehouse, I am sure) She had a small kingdom.”

And the last line….the clencher.

“She was o.k. with that.”

Don’t you wish we could all be so wise?



  1. I love Sophia! What a great story. Some of my favorite things are to read a young child's' story, their drawings and to spy secretly when they play- it is amazing the imaginations and hilarious things they come up with.

    We are thinking about either “Levi Dennis” or “Carter Dennis” for our boy…neither of which have a great *meaning* to their name…Gosh, Carter means “cart driver”…does that translate modernly to Pizza Deliver Guy? …hmmm future looks bright! 😀

  2. Hey Alice, she is really smart. I hope one day I get to read her books and stories. We miss you too. I know Jesse has his two month dr visit next monday. Henry is totally growing on me.

  3. I love it! Very wise. We all need to remember at times to be Ok with what we have and to recognize our blessings. Yes, I can see her as a great author or maybe having her own advice column…

  4. I LOVE this story.

    “And she was ok with that…”

    How awesome is Sophia?? Love your girls Alice — each and every one of them! 🙂

    And I'm also glad that she gets her spelling from the same dictionary as Rachel…

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