Time and Perspective

My last post was about Duane working at the same place for 40 years.

Now I just read a news story about a time frame of 2 years. It was extremely disturbing. I was going to post this tomorrow, but it is so disturbing, I thought it would make for a good April’s Fools Day….EXCEPT it’s NOT a joke!

Two mothers in Russia, were forced by the courts to re-swap their 2 year old sons. They had been sent home with the wrong mothers at birth.

“Both sons are having a hard time adjusting to their new homes”, are the words at the end of the report.

Yeah, duh?

This story reminds me of the mothers in the Bible who came to King Solomon with one dead child. You know the “real mother”. The one who said to let the other “selfish lady” keep the child because she couldn’t bare for Solomon to cut it in half.

I like to think I would be the mom who would give the other lady her son back, and tell her to keep mine too. It would break my heart to take a child away from the only mother he has ever known. And then I would pray like heck that some sane judge out there would be as wise as Solomon and let me keep the child that I thought was mine.

Can you imagine giving a child up after two years? I don’t care what the DNA tests say. Giving mine up (the one that looked like me or not) would be seriously life altering….like permanent residence in a mental institution altering.

At the top….that’s Bella at not quite two. Man she was so cute!!!!

Thank goodness no one mixed her up at the hospital. If she didn’t look so much like me, I would almost worry now.

Two minutes is all it takes to change a mother’s perspective….well, I guess not all mothers’ perspectives.

Is it just me or is the mom that pursued her mixed up child crazy????



  1. WOW, that is really disturbing. You get way to attatched to a child in two weeks, let alone two years. How sad. That picture of Bella is so cute, it reminds me of when we moved here. You are a great mom.

  2. I don’t know. On one hand, I completely agree with you, but then I’d want the other child too. I’d want both! I guess that’s not fair either. What a horrible situation… I hope those babies are OK.

  3. That story just about leaves me speechless…can you imagine?I know crazy mistakes like this are made… not so much anymore… but seriously. If everybody does their job… I don’t see how.If that much time had passed… how could you up-root a child… like uprooting a tree and hoping it would once again take root.See…I told you almost speechless.Not speechless. In their place I really do not know what I would do.ToOdLeS.ShEiLaps. I sure have missed you. OBTW. I am gonna keep blogging for now.

  4. Yeah, I don’t think that I could give up a child that was mine. Biologically or not. I hope this next kid has red hair again, b/c there are never red heads in the hospital. Kinda hard to mix my kid up with someone else. But, now I’m nervous and once again if the baby leaves my sight, Dan will be following him.

  5. You are not crazy and the mother who pursued it won’t be happy when her “real” son doesn’t love her either. She caused attachment issues by disrupting him from his home and it doesn’t “fix” easily.I’m baaaaaaack. I lost the link to your blog and only now just found it.

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