You are great!



  1. Hey Alice,Hope you remember me, but I had to let you know Olivia has been dragging the blanket you made her around the house for the last week! She loves it! Thank you again for that and the friendship for the short time we were there! -Allison Johnston

  2. HEY ALICE!!! Remember me??? It’s Darcy’s little sister, Holly:o) I was just reading Erick’s blog and found you! How are you? You know…I know it was forever ago that I last saw you…and I couldn’t have been more than 9, but I always remember you having the greatest smile!!! (really I do!) So…there’s your validation for the day:o) Hope you’re doing well…you southern girl you!

  3. That was awesome — and I have to agree with Sheila — YOU, Alice are great! 🙂Enjoyed visiting with you last night — I always do! Hope to see you tomorrow at the girls’game!

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