Playing games

We love to play games with our family and our friends.

Risk is one of my personal favorites. And, ask anyone in the family. I rule at risk. Why anyone thinks that a woman can’t be the head of the military is beyond me. I want to rule the world! Oh…hmm…I may have answered my own question there.

Anyhow, back to the post. In our family, we especially like to play cards.

The conversations and laughs that you can have while playing cards with friends are unparalleled.

We really thought it was funny when a new friend who had moved from out West was caught saying the great southern phrase “you is” during a card game a few months back. ie…You is up next. Translation…it’s your turn.

A couple of weeks ago we were again playing cards with some friends. I threatened LG that if he gave me that point I didn’t want that he would not be getting “any” that night.

He took mercy on me. Isn’t he so romantic?

Later as we were going to bed he reminded me that he had been kind. You know…in a hint hint kind of way. I said, “You have got to be kidding me. Your move in cards had nothing to do with my threat. We both know that the only reason you didn’t give me that point was because you had a heart and you had to play it.”

LG’s response: “So, I had a heart, doesn’t that count for something?”

“Yeah, I guess it would, if the heart was actually beating and not sitting in your hand having to be played.”



  1. I love almost all games.Except Risk. UHG!You can come and play with harrison and Adrian and William anytime you want.I will be playing Sequence or Zeus on the Loose or Rummikub, etc…

  2. Can you believe I have never, ever played Risk?? And this post has definitely scared me enough that I will never try to play against you! 😉We love games at this house too, but I don’t think I’ve ever used them as a “bargaining” tool with the hubby! 🙂

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