1. Just visited pedaling fast… this is what I left there: Are you people Christian? I don’t think that this is funny at all. I have family and friends that are ‘food servers’ and even they have a right to the first ammendment of the constitution. It is sad that you didn’t mention that the ‘waiter/food server’ would just laugh it off… especially knowing that the minimum wage will be getting a huge increase under President Obama.ToOdLeS.ShEiLaps. I have mormon friends that will NEVER give a dime to the homeless… but have actually stiffed their server over this bogus fear of Obama…after reading this e.mail lie.

  2. My last really long comment to Sheila got erased when I tried to publish.It wasn’t meant to be.Here is a condensed version.I am a Republican because I am a Christian.Republicans fight for my Christian morals and values from God. Republicans fight for my right to agency from God and believe in democracy not government mandates.Republicans fight for the most important God given right of freedom and agency worldwide. Republicans believe that the needy should be provided for, just not the way that democrats do.This story is not real, just an illustration of how democrats try to take care of things.I am a Republican. I would tip the waiter his 20%.And then I would buy the homeless guy a dinner. I would then take him to the shelter that I volunteer at. And give him my Bishop’s phone number. And pray for him every day of my life.And, I would also scoff at how the government has failed him and thank God that I am a Republican that chooses other ways to help the downtrodden besides taxing EVERYONE who are already having a hard time making endsmeet.And, by the way, on top of all that I do in the private sector to make the world a better place, I still pay my taxes that support programs that don’t work.I am a Replican. I love my country. I love my fellow citizens. I believe strongly in your right to express your views, and I won’t delete your comment even though it calls me UnChristian.Because I know that you don’t really believe that.

  3. I was not calling you un-Christian. I know the story was made-up. I apologize for taking my frustration out onyou dear friend. I am so sorry. This exact e.mail was sent to me… saying that because I voted for Obama I could not possibly be Christian. This has been such an emotional election I am thinking that I shouldn’t make any comments on politics because I am terrible at trying to explain where I am coming from. I really did not like George W. Bush and two terms of his politcs has been way too much for me. McCain seemed way too much like Bush to me. Alice I never meant to offend you. I know you are Christian. I believe in Christ too. I took this posting of that same targeted at me e.mail personal and I shouldn’t have.Please forgive me.ToOdLeS.ShEiLa

  4. You didn’t offend me, so I have no need to forgive, but I would. 🙂I understand your frustration. I have been experiencing the same emotion for quite some time now.I know you wouldn’t expect me to lay down without a little fight 🙂

  5. I was going to come over here and give you a big hug because of a comment. But instead, I will give you an applaud okay. I put a post about this subject and it got somewhat negative. No worries though. It will be a very surprising shock come 2010 when all our taxes go up automatically.Loved your Republican list. Strong girl you are.

  6. Sometimes, most of the time, politics is way over my head so I admire people who understand and stand up for their beliefs. I also admire people—friends—who can agree to disagree and still remain friends. Alice and Sheila have demonstrated that very well here. Sometimes you make me nervous with your comments, but it the truth be known, I wish I were more like you. I’m probably too old to change that part of my personality so I will just keep reading your comments.

  7. Hey Ali, this is cousin Renae. Are you prego again? I think that’s what I saw on your blog-congrats!! How many does this make? Tell LeGrand hi for me. I was looking for him on facebook, but wasn’t sure if it was the right LeGrand. Let me know if he has a page. Hope you guys are doing great. We’ll have to catch up sometime soon!!

  8. Woa- touchy subject A?I love you Alice and your posts keep them coming, keep standing up for your beliefs, and this world is U-G-L-Y. And I got an Alabi,yeah so what if I don’t know how to spell.

  9. I’m just waiting for Oprah’s cash flow now that we are ‘spreading the wealth’ People should be able to express their opinions without feeling offended or being offended. everyone isn’t always going to agree and thats ok. I say keep posting your ‘controversial’ issues. I love it, because really people the world isn’t just about scrap booking and rainbows, and its refreshing to hear an intellectual debate!

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