God Bless America

Election results are putting me on my knees.
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  1. I am sorry you feel that way. I was not surprised… Tennessee was colored RED on my election map tonight. Are you moving to another country? I hope not. Seriously so many lies were told about Obama… we will be oK.ToOdLeS.ShEiLA

  2. First off, I really don't do politics. But I agree with Sheila. There were too many lies told about Obama. There always are too many lies told about all the candidates.Keep in mind, just because a political party has certain opinions doesn't mean that the candidate has the same exact opinions or that they will carry them out the same way. Who is to say that they won't make the right choices? Honestly, do we have any valid reason to believe that he is not a good, honest man?The Lord knew exactly how this would play out, as he does with everything. Things happen the way they do for a reason, our job is to make the best of it & do all we can to make it the best! It's in his hands, we just need to ask what part we are to play in the game at this point. The last thing we need as a country is to have contention & come apart at the seams.

  3. The world is not coming to an end, Alice. Give the guy a chance. I was excited about this election because I generally felt we had two great candidates for the presidency. I did not feel that way in the previous two elections. In fact, I didn’t feel that either major party candidate deserved my vote in those elections. I felt the country would win either way. And besides, we always have the prophet to guide us. By the way, I finally got my blog up and running. Aren’t you proud of me? You should check it out, although you probably won’t like everything that you read.

  4. I can’t resist commenting on this one. THis is Maria, I did not remember password. It’s not the lies about Obama, that I’m worried about, it is the truth. Look at his voting record (it is documented). He is the most liberal senator. He is not just pro-choice, he is pro-abortion. He actually said if one of his daughters made a mistake, he would not want her to be punished with a child. He is also for gay marriage. Whether you want to accept it or not, the LDS church believes marriage should be between a man and a woman (Family Proclaimation). The church is actually asking members in CA to support Proposition 8. If these are not important issues in your choice for president and if you do not care about the values your president holds dear (look at Obama’s pastor for 20 years – one good reason to believe he is not a good, honest man), then I suggest you read the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I just don’t understand what Obama has said or done that would convince a member of the LDS church to vote for him. I am flabbergasted! Hey Erin, what makes you think the world is not going to end? We’ve been told these are the last days for how long? By the way, I don’t make anywhere near $250,000 but if you read Obama’s tax plan, I will be paying more taxes.

  5. I agree that lies have more than likely been told about both candidates, but the TRUTH about our new president is worrisome to me too. He sure is an eloquent speaker, but his stand on some pretty important issues is not what I would like it to be. It is what it is though — we may be in for some hardship, but all we can do is hope and pray — and know God has a plan.

  6. Just got back onto the blogging world again. Yeah, Obama. America is filled with suckers apparently. But now, the only thing I can do is hope and PRAY that Obama turns into a great president.

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