86 wives…

…and he’s not even a Mormon.

My only question is this: how do you get to be one of the top 4? I would hate to be one of the 82 he divorces, or on second thought, I may be a little relieved.

Did I mention that Mormons outlawed the practice of polygamy in 1890. Have I ever told you that I am elated that I am a Mormon woman of the 21st century.

Oh, and the Mormons that you hear about who are polygamists, they aren’t mainstream Mormons, they are groups that have broken away from the church so they can continue to practice polygamy.

But, I tell you what, 82 other woman to do my laundry sounds good right about now.



  1. If I ever had to share my husband, I would have to be number one. The Boss wife. Wife in charge. Then I would delegate the laundry, toilet cleaning and cooking etc to the other 80 some wives beneath me. but even so, I am not a fan of sharing my husband. So in reality it would just never work for me. I am so glad that we don’t practice Polygamy!!!

  2. I have always thought that any man who wants more than one wife is criminally insane and we should take the keys and lock him up.Polygamy boggles my mind!ToOdLeS.

  3. One spouse is hard enough to keep up with — who would want 80+???? Crazy I tell you!!But I’m totally with you on sharing the house cleaning! 😉

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