Cleaning Blog House

O.k. I am not going to totally commit to this because you all know how I am with commitment.

But, it is my goal to organize my future posting just a bit.
Here is my plan that will no doubt be revised or ignored all together at some later date.

Sundays – my church (meaning uplifting, inspiring, or church related)
Mondays – My K town (meaning church signs or pics from around town)
Tuesdays – My Entertainment (meaning mostly my You Tube fav’s)
Wednesdays – My family (meaning mostly funny personal stories or fun photos)
Thursdays – My How To (photo stories or best craft find or such)
Fridays – My Mom Advice (mommy stories or my day to vent)
Saturdays – My news (weird news story or other news related post)

Wish me luck! And, everyone please pray that I won’t ruin this great hobby of mine by pressuring myself into not only posting every day, but sticking to something rigid….AHHH!



  1. Funny I just organized my blog too, Sundays are my spiritual day, Monday is memory day, and so on- funny have you been in my head lately or What!!!!!!

  2. Good luck Alice — I can’t even organize my house or my thoughts let alone my blog! 🙂Organized or not, I shall remain your loyal blog reader…

  3. posting every day is hard, but once you get into the hang of it’s easy. I’ve so far managed at least one post everyday this year apart from a two day gap recently for YSA conference.

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