Mom, what is that word that means you tell people to do one thing, but then you don’t do what you say to do?

Oh yeah, hypocrite.

So, if you tell us to wear our seat belts and you don’t, then you’re a hypocrite?

I guess you could say that.

Fast forward a week to this morning. (and I apologize to those of you who may not get the referenced Harry Potter magical creature)

Kids, please put your seat belts on.

Mom, you are such a hippogriff, put your seat belt on!

Oh, it was time for a little lesson while I shrugishly pulled on my seat belt.

It’s not nice to call people hypocrites, Abigail, and I am not a hypocrite, I just forget to put my seat belt on sometimes.

And it’s not nice to call people hippogriffs either.


  1. I would much rather be a hippogriff. Can I be one??? Huh, huh, huh??? I usually start down the road and then reach and grab and click my belt… the other day Yvette said, Mom do you think you could try clicking the seat belt before you back out??? I said NO what fun would that be? and she added: No seriously Mom it may prevent an accident one day.Yvette has been an elite member of the SBP for since she was little. Abigail must be a member too! Ask her if she knows what the SBP are?(Seat Belt Police) Every family has to have one.ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  2. Reminds me of my youngest who was feeling very indignant one day and wanted to call her brother the worst thing ever, so she spluttered,“You are so.. CONVENIENT!!”

  3. That’s really funny Ali!OK, I was at the gym this morning TOTALLY THINKING ABOUT YOU! Here’s why. I’m lesbian. OK, just kidding, but really, I was thinking about your last comment on my blog. I really really really think you need to contact some newspapers. Not some, ALL papers in your area. You’re writing is interesting, it’s thought provoking, and it’s funny. And everyone can relate to at least SOMETHING you’ve written. You don’t sit and vent and get all emotional and lose your head when you write. You make great points, very thought out, and because of it, you’re very persuasive.That being said, you need to get papers to read your stuff. I started being real aggressive about papers about 4 years ago. The NewsVirginian was the only one interested and I did it for free for about a year. Then I asked to get paid and they paid me $25 an article for about a year. Then the editor left and the new guy totally dropped my column. I was dropped for a year. And this year the competition for NewsVirginian, called the News Leader, picked up my column for $50 an article. I have a mailing list for newspapers (there are about 100 plus emails on that list) and whenever I want a paper to read an article, I send it to that mailing list. I’ve been doing that for 4 years, too, and 99% of the papers don’t even write me back telling me to go away. One however wrote back, “UNSUBSCRIBE” to my emails. Very discouraging.Then this year one of those papers wrote me and gave me the contact info to a paper in Ashburn. Long story short, that referral is running my column, too, for $25 an article.If I were you, I’d get every single TN paper’s contact info and compile a mailing list and just “go fishing” if you know what I mean. You may have to do it for free at first and it may take even years, but at least you’re in print and people are reading you. You’re a great writer Ali. You definitely could do this.

  4. Nice to have little ones to remind us to make sure what that we do what we say ; )When Heidi was little it was all about being “A Safety Kid”

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