Native American Cuisine

In the West there is something called a Navajo Taco. For lack of a better description, it is kind of a mix between a taco, a Pita sandwich, and a scone. And even though I somehow just managed to make them sound very scary, Navajo Tacos are very good and filling. We are sad that we haven’t eaten one in years. We have only Petro’s in the south. I suppose that is as close as we get to a Native American Cuisine. I guess all the Confederates scared all the Natives away long ago.

Well, as part of our trip out west, it was our goal to eat every Western cuisine that we miss while living in the South. We hadn’t really mentioned a Navajo taco, but whenever we saw a place that offered anything we can only get out West we stopped. We were constantly on the lookout for our favorites. (remembered or not)

After spending a day at The Grand Canyon, we immediately got on the road. We were in a hurry to get to my mom and dads. We had not eaten lunch and were starving, but figured we would see something on the way and would save time by eating in the car. We wrongly suspected we could find food on the road cheaper than we could in the Canyon. We ended up bi passing the only little town that would have anything to eat, and gassed up in the middle of nowhere. The trip turned into hours and we were well into dinner time.
The only thing we passed on the road were these Navajo Shops where the Native American tribe members sell their jewelry, pottery and such. There was a new shop about every 10 miles. They all looked exactly the same and seemed to market and sell the exact same items.
Now I know you all already realize that LG has an MBA and is always looking for good business opportunities. We were all getting hungrier and crankier by the second. Finally LG turned to me and in desperation exclaimed, “You would think that some of these Navajos would start selling some tacos.”
And, that, ladies and gentlemen, gives you the quick wit I live with on a daily basis. LG needs to start his own blog that features his humor. He’s so much funnier than I could ever hope to be. I am so happy to have a husband that has never let me down on his promise to make me laugh every day.


  1. That is too funny! LOL LG is great too, because he is so quiet (at least that is my experience) and then he’ll say something really funny and you aren’t expecting it. You two just belong together Alice! 🙂

  2. I LOVE navajo tacos! They remind me of BYU and the song SOFA sang about them. 🙂 Once a year some people over by us sell them in their yard every year. I’ve been tempted so many times to stop and buy some but never have. Maybe this year I’ll do it in memory of you.

  3. Thanks for your comment, it was hiliarious!!!!!! I just about died reading it, if anyone wants to read it, you will laugh for the rest of the day. Go to the post From the island of New zealand- read it, read Alices comment and you WILL DIE!!!too funny.

  4. I absolutely love these… and haven’t had one for about ???? probably 10+ years. YOU would think that LG should be right… what is funny is the locals take orders and have them all sold before they make them… at least that is the way they do it here. Only here we have the Paiute tribe instead of Navajos.ToOdLeS,ShEiLAps. you might have had better luck stopping and knocking on someones door. (random like) Ü

  5. I’ve been on top of Mt. Graham for two weeks camping and now I’m catching up on blogs. And….Navajo Tacos? Yummmmy. They are called by another name depending on which tribe you are talking to at the time. Can’t think of it right now.

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