Disassembling Our Daycare

Today is the first day of summer that I got to sleep in as long as I wanted.
I know, I know.
How sad!
Lazy summer mornings are one of the hugest perks of being a stay home mom.
I rejoiced the day that all of my kids were old enough to take care of themselves in the morning.

In fact I parented with the notion of them being independent enough to get their own breakfast and play a DVD all by themselves.

And, whala, they prefer to wake up around nine and get themselves a bowl of cereal while watching a movie.
And this works great for us because I prefer to sleep until 10 a.m.
Especially when I am still recovering from a long road trip.

The Clarke’s are moving and so we no longer get to watch Adriana.
Abigail is going to miss losing a couple strands of here from time to time.

And Brayden is going to be spending the rest of this month with his auntie while his pregnant mother finishes out her last few weeks of work.

Bella will really miss having someone else around who is smaller than her and worships the ground that she walks on.

And Sophia, she is just going to miss the babies all together.
She is the most natural nurturer that I have ever known.
She would stop whatever she was doing to care for one of them, and I didn’t even have to ask.
She takes after her Grammy in so many ways.
We are sure going to miss having these guys around.

Especially when school starts when I won’t be able to sleep in anyway.

I really need some more kids fast!!!
Anyone willing to give us a toddler who sleeps through the night?

I don’t want to work with my husband every day.
I love him to pieces but I want to enjoy the time I spend with him.
Taking his orders as a paralegal has the potential of ruining our date nights.
Anyone willing to work as a paralegal for free so that I can go to the spa everyday?
After nine years of child rearing, and a summer daycare I think I deserve it, don’t you?
Schucks, I better go and buy some business attire.


  1. oh how sweet, maybe you should just have another baby than you satisfy all those needs, get out from being a paralegal and you get a trip to the spa?? Yeah, maybe not…but maybe…

  2. You are so good with kids. I am just like you, as far as my kids doing their own thing until I get out of bed. You have all 3 in school this year. ENJOY!

  3. Way to go Sophia… I get excited when someone has the natural ability to mother. I think you all will miss the kids… My DIL Jenni is ready to disasemble her daycare as well… she has a baby the same age as Maddy & he cries all day… she has had a headache for 2 days. Even Madison rolls her eyes like will you shut that kid up!!! I told Jenn just be glad that Maddy is so good.ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  4. Your girls are so good! It doesn’t surprise me one bit that they are great helpers with the babies — and that they let you sleep in. My boys wouldn’t dream of letting me sleep in! Rachel yes — the boys — no way!

  5. I love your girls! But, I have to say, Sophia is a girl after my own heart. She will learn to love the nickname “Little Mama” like I did. As for the spa, you so deserve it! In the school coupon book there is a TN school of beauty coupon for a $60 spa day. Or, if you're like me & cheap, come get a mani-pedi w/ my next time. Gotta love it! You deserve the splurge. :o)

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