Our bounty

LG: “Alice, we have to have a garden this year so that we can teach the kids how to work. And we can put up (that’s what they call canning in the south) some stuff and build our food storage.”

Me: “But, I am going to have to do everything, and I am already babysitting two kids this summer. And you are starting your practice, and we are already so busy. Can’t we just buy some canned goods and call it good this year? We did just buy our wheat and our emergency water buckets, doesn’t that count for the Stake’s goal of building our supply by one more month this year?”

LG: “No way. C’mon it will be really good for the kids. I will get out there and weed with them every Saturday.”

Me: “Alright, if you promise that you’ll get out there with them. I don’t need one more thing right now.”

LG: “I promise.”

Score: LG – no weeding Me – 3 weedings The kids – 10 minutes of weeding
The Garden – growing amazingly without enough weeding

And, I must add. LG did all of the rototiller, so he’s not in the doghouse because of the weeding. But, he better help me put some of this stuff up or he will be.

The late beans and corn to work around our Utah vacation.

15 tomato plants
The raspberries are starting well.

It’s too bad we will probably move before they ever flower.




  1. My yard is like a veritable Garden Of Eden…….for the fire ants, anyway.Good job Alice and Family! I’m glad to see that you’ll have something to eat with your SPAMwiches in case of an apocalypse.

  2. I’m jealous — I would love to have fresh tomatoes and a few other things. I SO don’t have a green thumb and I cannot even picture Matt working in a garden! LOL

  3. I’m back…had to tell you I have bestowed yet another blog award on you. That’s what you get for being one of my favorite bloggers! 🙂

  4. I love your garden.I can’t believe that you made time with your vacation and all. My Dad would trick me into planting, watering, weeding the garden. He wouldn’t really trick me… but his size nine giving me the boot was great motivation. ÜToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  5. I’m glad that you got stuff to grow regardless of the weeding. I pretty much gave up on growing produce since I don’t get to it before the bugs and it just sort of dies on the vine.

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