I’m joining the big leagues.




  1. Oh dear – you joined and they just revamped things into this huge ranking jungle! I think I’ll be confused for awhile. Good luck!

  2. Ok since I have been gone, you posted like a million, so I guess I will comment with one, you are to great, and loved every post 🙂

  3. You are getting bloggy-fied. Networking with lots of different blogs. I guess you have more gumption than me??? I am happy for you though. You are destined to be famous… Ms. I’m So Funny.ToOdLeS, ShEiLA

  4. yeah, but are you gonna remember all of us little people down at the bottom of the food chain??? we will be here for you, ready to hitch our star to your wagon for any purpose of furthering our careers….:) congrats, lady!!

  5. You go girl! 🙂So who rates your blog?? Is it just other members of the site? I’ll have to look at it more in depth when I have a chance!

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