It’s guy love.

This one is for LG. He will laugh. He has to laugh.

This is also for all you blesbian bloggers (you know who you are) who make my cyberlife so much more enjoyable.



  1. OH MY HOLY HECK! this is so funny! ::clears throats:: Looks over shoulder:: whispers: I am so not ready to come out of the closet or computer about my blesbian attractions. roflrofl, Love it! I lovey you. At least, I am not a stalker, right??

  2. oh, alice–first you used the blesbian blogger term which just warms my heart every time, then to put that song on? i am swiping this and paying homage to you on monday–my memory of you is that i found you thru someone and thought you were as funny as any blogger i’d read. then you reciprocated and called me a liberal mormon which seriously made my day–you rock it all over the place, sistah!!

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