1. ok, I am all for the golden arches but… ummm NO! That is something that people would do before or after prom even some for prom. :scrinched up face:: thumbs down. My mother just went to a redneck wedding that was thrown on the fourth of July.

  2. Where to start? Tacky. Nasty. I hate McDonalds. OK, I like their burgers for some unknown reason, but I still despise them. *groan*

  3. No lie, that is the first place we headed after leaving the temple. Neither of us had made it to breakfast that morning, we had been up since 4 (me) 5 (him) and we weren’t eating a planned meal until dinner at the reception where we figured we would be too busy to eat. Of course neither of us was dressed in our wedding clothes and we swung through the drive thru. Best meal of the day!!!

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