was the year I graduated from High School.

And the year I moved out on my own.

The year I turned 18.

(All in that order)

Apparently, the fact that I paid my own way was very obvious in my ability to afford decent clothes.

And, for some crazy reason I thought that bright red lipstick made me sexier! Go figure.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane Kathy. I will forgive you for this post. How could you ever know that I’ve had much therapy trying to forget these better times of my life.



  1. Personally – I think you look gorgeous in RED lipstick. But once seeing that picture of you, reminded me of Ann-Marie when she wore that bright red lipstick too. Her grandpa thought she was such a rebel!!!!!!

  2. Sorry I didn’t give you a heads up…but honestly you were so dang cute and what a fun year. Just think of all the memories! And yes you get credit for both my job at Stevenettes and my 15 years so far at Nu Skin.

  3. 91…I graduated that year too! FROM KINDERGARTEN!! HAHA. Love ya Ali. Actually we didn’t have a big graduation deal like we do today for Kindergarten.

  4. Alice – Please send me your cinnamon roll recipe. I experiment with recipes. I have my favorite recipe but when I got a new oven in November, for some reason it would not bake like it had before -thus the experimentation with other cinnamon roll recipes. email me @ anncp1595@gmail.com thanks

  5. Loved those photos of you! Such a doll you are! Totally sexy with the lipstick for sure!Cracked me up about the happy household list… I had a roommate just like you and we are still best of friends to this day.

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