Be proud

Do you hate going out in public in your swimsuit?

Here is the only picture I could find on my hard drive of me in a swimsuit. Conveniently, most of my body is still covered.

I know that I look downright awful in a swimsuit, but I get in one anyway. Why? Because I love to swim and I love to have fun with my kids!

My mother would NEVER swim with us. I am not sure of the reasons.

Maybe she was too cheap to buy a swimsuit?

Or maybe she didn’t dare wear one from the DAV, where she bought ALL of her clothes? (Disabled Veterans Army or something was the name of my mom’s favorite thrift store in Oceanside, CA – I spent literal days there while growing up – I can still smell the place)

Or maybe mom used to swim but, she gave up trying to have fun at the beach after the 4th child, which just so happened to be me?

I really should ask her. I think she may be a little afraid of the water. I cannot recall her EVER getting in the water with us at a pool or a beach.

I do recall many water fights. I mean the woman knew how to have fun, but she just had to have her clothes on.

Well, if you are one of THOSE moms, I implore you to just get in the pool. Your kids don’t care. And, really nobody else does either. Let go of the gawking teenagers.

If you need a little extra motivation, read this. (you’re welcome to Mindi for the link love) If you haven’t read the link yet, go on, Mindi will make you laugh and give you some much needed confidence.

And if Mindi’s story doesn’t work, maybe mine will.

The other day while at the fountains with the kids, I took off my pants to go out in the water with Brayden, my niece Lily started to stare at me. She kept staring for about 15 minutes. I was starting to get a little uncomfortable, but kept reminding myself that she in only five.

I was relieved when Lily finally busted out with. “Emo, (this is what she calls me, it means Aunt in Korean) you have very strong legs. They are stronger than mine.” Her bust out made me bust out. Yeah, they are strong alright. They’ve got to be so they can provide a place for all that cellulite. Well, it was nice to have that over with. Once she said her peace, she ran off to play and I could finally get out from under a child’s scrutiny.

But, hey, I now know that my legs are strong, whereas before I just always thought that they were the place my body prefers to store my fat.


  1. I am not proud, maybe I should be, but It’s hard when you live in a town, that seems to only sell the size SKINNY… I went swimming at the water park where we live, and everyone, I mean everyone was sportin’ everything they had, execpt me, swimsuit, shirt, shorts over, but I alway play with my kids in the pool, love it way too much not too. Thanks for the post, lifted me up today..

  2. I haven’t been in a swimsuit… I don’t remember when I was in a swimsuit. I really am not into cold water or sunburns or public pools… if I was rich enough to be a pool owner maybe I would swim in the privacy of a high fenced pool patio. I don’t know if being at my goal weight will change my ideas either… we’ll see. My Mother only went swimming with us on a few occasions… she didn’t enjoy it much. I will have to click the links you have listed.ToOdLeS, ShEiLA

  3. Once I’m IN the pool, I’m golden. I figure nobody can see my Fat Flap Of Doom bulging out. It’s getting OUT of the pool that poses a problem for me…..and the eyes of the innocents.I wear shorts over my suit. Even in the pool. Yes, I do. We were once at a Family Homeschool Camp thingie and a sister the same size as me was prancing about in her suit……with long pubic dreads dangling down her thighs. :0 I made a silent promise that I would NEVER be that “natural.”

  4. Oh yes, I have strong legs and strong shoulders and arms! Pictures were taken of me at the pool! YIKES!! I am the same way Alice! I am playing with my kids. I’d love to look hot in a suit but if I did, I wouldn’t be playing with my kids. I’d probably be at the gym which by the way my gym time is now spent blogging. I’m ok with that. I AM THE REASON why other look good in a bathing suit and HEY, someone has to do it. I figure I’ll tell HF, come on I sacrificed on earth. Let someone else have a turn with the fat suit.

  5. That’s such a cute little accessory you have got there! I don’t have many pictures of me in my swimsuit either. I do always get in the pool despite the sexy large thighs and hott stretch marks. I saw Missy’s pic on her blog of her in her maternity swim suit. I have the same swim suit…I don’t look as good as her in it though. I’m glad you’re not one to sit out and not get in the pool!

  6. An afterthought…I also think that growing up in a beach town has helped me feel better about the way I look in a swim suit. When you go to the beach you ALWAYS know you will find someone who looks worse in a swim suit than you…perhaps the old man in a speedo.

  7. AMEN!! I’ve recently come to the conclusion that we all have these issues with our bodies but we’re so wrong. Our bodies are AMAZING and they do extraordinary things for us on a daily basis. Be you- own you- wear the you that you have and enjoy every minute of it! We aren’t perfect but who wants that. Better to be the woman who moves in her skin and enjoys the feelings of being free from pleasing others and just lives life without hinderance. You go girl!

  8. So – I should don the swimsuit? I did buy me a new one this year- that fits – and has a little skirt to hide my “strong legs”. I still have issues after being filmed climbing the rocks at Laughlin, Nevada, standing on the high precipice before jumping 20 feet into the water – “There goes the white whale!!!”

  9. Great post, alice. Our children deserve all of us–no matter what. We need to enjoy our time with them. (Believe me it goes so fast, you want to look back and have no regrets)Again, I just have to tell you how happy I am that you posted this. If it gets one more mom to get out there and enjoy the pool water with their kids, GREAT!

  10. Oh that’s funny!!! I also think that everyone looks better in a bathing suit when holding a baby? Don’t you think? If you are holding a baby, no one notices you. It’s a great distraction tool.

  11. Loved this post Alice. I hate summer clothes period (shorts, swimsuits, etc.). Even when I was much more in shape, I was never really comfortable in them. And then there’s the modesty factor which is a big deal when you grow up a traditional Catholic as I did.But as much as I hate swimsuit season, I know my kids love it and I suck it up and go to the pool or whatever for them. It is fun. And you’re right…nobody cares about what I look like and if they do — so what. That’s life and it goes by much too fast to get too caught up in worrying so much.I think I will always struggle though. As much as I tell myself to get over it. Wish I could be as carefree about it as those size 18s & 20s in the story you linked! LOL

  12. I am so sorry for Lily. I know that kids are blunt, but I think Lily is more so than usual. I never know what is going to come out of her mouth! Sorry!!!

  13. I love this!! I’m about to go to CA with my in-laws. I finally bought a new suit (the old one predates our marriage of nearly 8 years and is actually threadbare and the elastic is no longer stretchy). I’m not excited to be seen in it with stretch marks, veins, a serious farmer’s tan, etc… But what’s a mom to do? don’t those things all show I’m real? That I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about my tan, that I’ve been willing to sacrifice my body for my kiddos? Great post.

  14. Hooray Alice!!! My kids love that I play with them in the pool and you know, I do too. Really, once you get in the water, people can’t see the trouble spots (I’m speaking for myself here). -My sister gave me some really valuable advice once when I was feeling really embarrassed about something I’d said… “No one thinks about you as much as you think they do.” She’s My little niece and nephew call me Emo too. I like you even more now!

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