The ee’s of Tennessee

wind eedix ee

the golden ball – ee

weeds trash ee smok ee
chev ee
old ee
nois ee whisk ee
appalach eeee normous

r ee vival
ree ligious
show ee
dirt ee feetsie shoeless ee
hon ee



  1. Tennessee seems simplee wonderful!but shouldn’t you spell eats… eeats? Crankee aren’t I? Can’t get rid of this headachee… just made a [crack-o-practor] appt. if he can’t fix mee, somebodee just shoot mee. o-kee-doh-kee?toodles, Sheileeps. seriouslee, I loved your postee.

  2. I love the dirty feeeeeeet!!! Who is Marilyn’s missionary boy in Tennessee? Is he here or from here? If he is here, has he been to Kingsport yet?

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