Marketing 101 for the Blogging World

Here is LG and I at work on our computers at the same time. This seems to have become our nightly entertainment. We are like an old retired couple. After we get the kids to bed and have a second to relax, I go to my computer to blog, and he goes to his to read my blog! ! (yeah right)

After getting linked on Instapundit a while back, I told LG sarcastically that I had made it in the blogging world. He laughed and said, “Alice the only way you really make it in the blogging world is when all of your friends tell all of their friends to read and the cycle continues for a few years.” Who knew?

So my question is this: All of you friends, are you telling all of your friends? (just kidding) As you read from my last post, you know I don’t have to MAKE it, I love to blog and just plan to keep on writing, even when my comment count gets low. (which is seems to have done lately – hint hint)

So in honor of making it in the blogging world, here is something funny for you all.

A while ago I read this explanation of Marketing. It was originally written about a woman bragging about her sexy skills. (if you know what I mean) I cleaned it up, and made it apply to those of us with blogging addiction.

Perhaps the following examples will help us all learn something today about Marketing:

You see another blog. You open it and leave a comment, “I’m the best blogger around.” That’s Direct Marketing.

Your blogging friend goes to another blog and says, “Check this out” and links to your blog saying “She’s the best blogger around”. That’s Advertising.

You go back to the blog after they’ve left you a comment. You get their e-mail address and send an e-mail to them along with links to all of your best work…”Check out my blog, I’m the best blogger around” That’s Telemarketing.

You write a post that somehow compliments every other blogger that you know. You offer free prizes and excessive linkage to everyone you know with a “P.S. message”, “I’m the best blogger in the world.” That’s Public Relations.

Somebody just comes to your blog out of the blue and they leave you a comment, “I hear you have the best blog in the world” That’s Brand Recognition.

You have the best blog in the world, and you use your power to convince other people to visit other people and places. Now you are a Sales Rep.

Your mother-in-law starts her own blog, and calls you to help her figure stuff out. She knows that you are the best blogger in the world. That’s Tech Support.

You leave over a thousand comments on blogs that you have never visited or never intend to revisit, you leave the comment “I am the best blogger!” with a link that says, “Come and see for yourself”. That’s Spam.



  1. I enjoyed this post very much. I think you are blogging for the right reason…if you love it, if your family & friends enjoy reading it, then you are a success. I like all the descriptive titles… direct marketing,telemarketing, tech support,public relations,brand recognition, spam…wow, you are quite the deep thinker. I have figured out that there is a whole lot more to blogging than I originally thought there was when I decided to join the blogging world…I was just going to do it as a journal to keep my far away family in touch with our family…then I discovered the networking aspect and getting to meet people that I otherwise wouldn’t have met. I also learned valuable lessons… like praying for someone I don’t really know, but realized they need the help of others to petition the Lord for help. So much more to blogging than I ever realized. U R the best! toodles- Sheila

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