Pizza Hut

Would someone really shoot a man to get a free pizza? Nobody’s shooting this pizza man.

As Glenn Reynolds says, “Uh huh. Good thing he didn’t listen (to pizza hut’s policy for pizza deliverers to NOT carry guns) or he might be being carried by six instead of subjected to mealy-mouthed HR flackery from one. “

I am glad this lowly pizza guy is safe, but I have to admit that I am an idealist that wished we lived in a society where NO ONE would be packing a gun. But, if the bad guys are going to have guns, then it is only fair that the good guys are equipped with one too.

Speaking of Pizza Hut, have you tried thier new PizzaMia? If you buy 3 pizzas, you can get a Little Ceasar’s type deal with more flavor…$5 a pizza. The downside, you can’t order the dilectable crazy bread and you have 3 pizzas that you have to eat!


  1. My husband and I are a lot alike in many ways… except our pizza! He’s from Chicago so he likes deep dish piled with lots of fat. I like New York style with artichokes and other tasty things he finds repulsive. I’m hungry right now, so I’ve already forgotten what I was originally going to say.

  2. Wow I had something to say too until I read Renee’s post and now I am hungry too. Man… Oh yeah, I am kind of with PH on this, not carrying a gun is safest for all involved, but you can’t blame a guy for defending himself. Robbing a pizza guy, LAME!

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