Lookee Here

Look at the empty laundry baskets.

This one is for Chrys…No, I don’t think I can live up to your systematic way of life, (although I am impressed) but, I give you the highest kudos for your amazingness and for motivating me enough to catch up on my laundry this week! (If any of the rest of you have no idea what I am talking about, read this)

It has been a very long time that on Saturday night I am DONE with the laundry! And guess how I did it? I folded them while waiting for the pics and video to upload to my blog!

And, to all the rest of you that felt my pain: ladies, be of good cheer, I am now living proof that we can all still blog and keep up with our housework…as long as you’ve got four hours to give every Saturday.

No pile in front of my dryer. WOW!



  1. My heart literally smiled at this post! I am so happy for you. I’m so proud of you. It feels good to see the laundry floor. I got caught with the sick bug Thursday night and no laundry was done from Thursday night to Sun. morning. There were so many clothes it was making me nutty. I ran a load before we went to church and then 4 more after we came home. I brought the clothes in each time to be folded as the family all watched a movie waiting for dinner to be done. I am not caught up. I have one in the washer and in the dryer and 2 more baskets to be washed. It puts me far behind because I like for Mondays to be our linen and blanket days. It won’t happen! My least favorite chore about laundry is putting clothes away. I have to work Mon and Tues of this week because I owe a lady for working for me 2 Saturdays. So, I will be behind in my laundry regimen for a bit.Just rememeber don’t get overwhelmed. Laundry will always be there. But, when washed and dryed quickly FOLD!

  2. Empty baskets…hmmmm…I *THINK* I’ve seen those at my house, but they aren’t empty long so I’m not too sure! 🙂Way to be so organized Alice…now do you wanna come help me??? 😉

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