27 Chicks

Every day between Sophia’s kindergarten pickup and Abigail’s pickup, I go over to the Aders, and Valerie and I walk while we let the kids play. We want to show up her hippy sons when we hike with them on the Appalachian trail for a couple of days. (they don’t think we can do it)

On Thursday, the Aders added 28 baby chicks to the 4 baby ducks that I already posted about. Abigail was heartbroken after hearing Sophia and Bella tell her all about the chicks, and so after school yesterday, we all went back to the Aders so that Abigail could get her turn to see the baby chicks.

I was heartbroken to hear that my runt (the first one that Valerie put in my hand – what a great first experience – it kind of convulsed and pooped on me) had died in the night…Valerie gave her a proper burial by chucking her over the back fence into the BEYOND at the beginning of our walk. Later, I realized that we should have at least given the runt a name before we disposed of her…as an afterthought I would like to affectionately call her Chicken Little.

As you heard in the video, as of yesterday at 3:00 the chickens had no names. Me, being the animal lover that I am, can not let any living thing go nameless. Valerie’s sister gave her the idea of painting the baby chicks toenails to help her differentiate them while they grew.

So, yesterday, every one of the chicks got their toenails polished (Abigail was a great help with this task) and a name….here they are:

1- Mary (she is calm and peaceful like the Mary’s in the scriptures)

2- Janice (she is loud and annoying, like Chandler’s ex-girlfriend on Friends)

3- Deeny (she was an escape artist just like Hoodini)

4-Henny Penny (she is a gold chicken with silver nail polish – she had to be named after money)

5- Strawberry (she is a sweet chick with red nail polish)

6- Diana (gold chick with purple nail polish – Purple and Gold were my HS colors and the Lancers were our mascots – we named her after royalty)

7- Big Momma (she is one big chick)

8- Angelina ( she had pink nail polish with feathers stuck to her toes, she is named for the ballerina)

9- Jo (she’s the little tomboy)

10- Shaniqua (she’s the black chick)

11- Frances (she’s got the French manicure)

12- FloJo (she is black, fast, and has fancy silver nails)

13- Whoopi (black and full of life)

14- Dora (the boys named her – she’s got a spot on her neck, totally irrelevant)

15- Jemima (another black chick)

16- Addie (she’s a crazy chick we added the I E to the A D D)

17 – Decrescendo (when you pick her up, she’s really loud, and then she quiets down)

18- AnnaBelle (she tried to eat Valerie’s hand)

19- Molly (she wanted to get back in the pack with all the other chicks real bad, we named her after all the other Molly Mormons that we know who are tryint to keep up)

20- Jane (she was just a plain old not exciting chick)

21- Ruby (the boys named this one)

22- Ginger (she pecked some red nail polish onto her beak and it made her look like she was wearing lipstick – we named her after the Gilligan’s Island star)

23- Fiona (she had bed head and was real grouchy- we just liked the name and thought her characteristics were in sync with an hogre)

24- Dorothy (she’s got a dot on her beak – we named her after my Grandma who hated to be called Dot for short)

25 & 26- MaryKate and Ashley (they’re identical twins)

27- Lucy (she got the sparkly nail polish, so we named her after a stripper – I wanted to name my Bella Lucy so badly, but my mother and another friend both told me that Lucy was a name for a stripper – I don’t agree but it ruined the name for me. But, HA, I showed them, I now have Bella and an adopted chicken named LUCY..and everyone LOVES LUCY)

Thanks for the memories Valerie! I cannot wait to keep painting toenails every Friday. And, I also can’t wait to get farm fresh eggs for real cheap!



  1. I can’t believe you named them all! I think that I would’ve done groups or something (the girls and the boys maybe?), but I think it’s great that you love those little chickies enough to give each one a name. What a fun, fun thing for your kids! We lived with Derek’s parents a month when their neighbors had little ducklings that we watched grow up. Oh, it was so much fun! Especially since we didn’t have to take care of them…. 🙂

  2. Oh Alice, a woman after my own heart! I so would be there with you painting and naming! What a great experience for your children.

  3. TOTALLY loved this post — your reasons for the names are SO funny. Janice…Shaniqua…Mary Kate & Ashley…Flo Jo…you had way too much fun naming those darling little chicks!

  4. Next time, make the videos longer than 5 seconds so I don’t have to play it over and over and over again for Dallin 😉And I quote: “moe (more)! moe! moe! moe! moe!!! yeah!!!!”

  5. WHAT? WHAT? Did I hear you say Lucy is a stripper name? Not on my watch it isn’t!I have NEVER heard that before. If you have another baby you just go ahead and name her Lucy and tell everyone that I gave you permission.

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