1. Amen Alice! I wish women would just figure out how to support each other. Anytime I’ve seen a show about stay at home moms versus working moms I am always so upset by boths sides and how they judge each other. A little compassion and understanding would go a long way.

  2. I don’t have anything to harsh to say against working moms because I know that SAHM don’t know all the answers. when i saw the previews for this show though i was pretty upset. i hate when people think that dreams can’t be fulfilled because they stay at home with their children. i use to think that when i have children everything else is all over. my dreams will never come true. maybe some of my dreams were in the wrong direction and what about my dream to be a mom and think of the influence i might have on what ever little creations i bring in to this world. there is a billboard on the way back from chattanooga to knoxville that promotes abstinence. great, but what it says “it” can wait my dreams can’t. i thought how discouraging. satan is brilliant. he can promote something great by still tearing it down the same way. the sign makes it sound like children and family are a burden, there’s no joy, no reward, there’s no dream in family. those things are what make me mad.i hope you never feel embarrassed by being a SAHM. you do great and it is great. it’s not an easy choice. and slowly all those “other” dreams will come just in different ways.

  3. Let me clarify, I am not ashamed to be a stay home mom because it makes me less of a woman or because it deters me from living out my dreams.I am sometimes ashamed to be part of the stay home mom club because stay home mom’s can be so rude to the working moms. (that was the jist of this linked article)

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