David Archuleta, Shy?

I love the underdog!

This article was extremely interesting and makes me love David Archuleta even more. The people who know Archuleta the best say that he is unassuming, humble, and shy. They also say that he doesn’t hope for stardom, he just wants to keep loving music. This doesn’t surprise me. Neither does the fact that he wasn’t popular at his alma mater, Murray High School. Someone unassuming, humble and shy is not usually in the “in crowd”, especially in Utah.

Oh, how I hope that my kids will just be who they are and love what they love and not worry about what other people think. Usually, the greatest people amongst us aren’t noticed very much. They just go about doing their thing. I hope that David Archuleta doesn’t give those “popular kids” the time of day when he goes back home for a visit. Oh, how they will wish they would have noticed him sooner! I can just hear them all saying for the rest of their lives, “I was in the same class/school as David Archuleta?” Oh yeah, we’re you friends? “No not really.”

The challenge of the day: get out of your shell and NOTICE someone for the person that they are. Everyone has greatness.


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