American Idol Results

I was at the church last night for a visiting teaching conference and so I missed the results show.

Our Zion’s Army was a lot of fun! In TN, it seems that we have a hard time getting sisters out for stuff like this. The conference combined two wards and there were still only about 30 women there. The ones who didn’t attend really missed out. The food was great and so was the company. Our army training workshops were also a lot of fun!

I checked out the results this morning on american I was pretty confident that my favorites weren’t going anywhere.

I am pleased with America’s choices, but I am a little sad about Alaina…I think she has potential…I hope she will start her own impressionist talent show in Vegas someday..her impressions are amazing, and supposedly her singing is too, but unforutnately, she was never able to pull it out.

If I were on the show, I would rather be booted now than later. I mean really, why prolong the misery if you have no chance of winning anyway? And, that, ladies and gentlemen, proves my competitive spirit.



  1. Another post that I got a laugh out of! I am so competitive that I lose my dignity and when I have to eat crow, I stink at lying when I have to send well wishes to the winner. LOL, I too missed it last night, due to an enrichment activity. I wish Alaina got to show her skillz for one more week. Too bad.

  2. I don’t think that Alaina is actually the impersonator girl…I think that’s Kady.I am having more fun watching it this year because Paul is actually into it this year so I have someone to watch it with.

  3. I think it is Kady that is the impersonator — but she and Alaina look SO much alike. Matt and I kept getting them confused.

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