God is good

Across the street lives a Bible Methodist preacher, whom we respect. He was given this ugly poo green van from a Baptist church. It has been an eye sore that has never left the confines of their front lawn for the past two years.

Last week, through a powerful storm, God took care of the eye sore for us. We were surprised when the preacher informed us that they were grateful that God took care of it for them too. I guess they hadn’t known what to do with the donated van! Now, all I can do is hope that the demolished van won’t sit there in this pathetic state for another couple of years. God would have to send a tornado next to take it away (because you know it won’t be translated). We were very fortunate that this week’s recent storms didn’t make it this far east. God really has watched over us.

The bad news associated with the riddance of the van was that our power was out for 36 hours. This tree also took out the preacher’s power line which shorted the transformer box to just three houses. The power company had about 4,000 customers to get back up and running after the storm. Our three houses were probably the lowest on the priority list.

I spent the day at a friend’s house (isn’t having your power out a good excuse to miss school) and we decided to come back home and sleep. We tried to turn it into an adventure for the kids. We heat up our small room with our camp heater and made a makeshift bed for the girls that was built up high enough to be even with the height of our bed. It got down to the 20’s outside and the 40’s in the house.

The kids wore two pairs of pj’s, hats, and socks. (these cute animal hats were a gift from Korea, if any of you have seen the missing tiger, would you let me know – Bella wasn’t happy that she had to wear a plain old taboggan) The girls thought that the most fun part was counting the amount of blankets I put over the top of them. 13! They also really enjoyed the emergency crank flashlight/radio. They were amazed at how they could tune to different channels. They really do live a sheltered life, don’t they?

We couldn’t put them to sleep without our nightly scripture study. We are trying to read the whole Book of Mormon again this year. Here is LG reading with the assistance of a flashlight. You can’t see LG’s face or the flashlight between his face and the book. (just in case you couldn’t make that observation yourself)

God and KUB blessed us a second time within the 36 hour timeframe and had the power fixed at 4 am, just when it started to get really cold. This is how we found the girls the next morning. So much for the blankets and hats.



  1. we’re glad that you guys are ok!! I called kristen first thing the morning after the storms to check on her. she sure hates tornados! Cute pics!

  2. Those storms were so horrible. Glad you all were o.k.Love how you bundled up your kids–too funny to see the picture of them the next morning.

  3. The girls look so cute all bundled up in your makeshift bed. How great that you were able to make something that was probably a nuisance (no power) so much fun!And yes, God is good. That is one ugly van! 🙂

  4. Thanks God that you and your family are safe. We heard about the storms on the TV and I wondered if you’d been affected.The storms did you a favour in getting rid of that van though!

  5. we had a similar power outage a year ago and it was awful. Same thing – tights, then pjs and hats and gloves. WE slept by our fireplace one night, not that it was much warmer. It took me a couple days of wonder to get used to power again. What a wonderful thing electricity is! And I love the story about the van. That’s hilarious!

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