Two Already Forgotten Videos

I think I am an honorary grandparent. I have no memory. Really, it is almost sad!Can alztheimers (again, the spell check is out)set in early? I think mine set in before I was born.

Seriously. I cannot remember anything! If I didn’t have a blog to keep track of my blogging, I may unknowingly write the same story over and over again throughout my life. I have to say that if I had to rewrite a story repeatedly, it would have to be Self Check Out. It is my favorite.

This one is for you, my old fogy friends (and you young Dorry’s out there) I so relate to that cute little “My Nemo” Fish.



  1. I love it. It’s a well known fact that we lose brain cells with each child we have … so it can only be expected we’ll forget things πŸ™‚BTW…it took me 3 clicks off your site to find someone else I know πŸ™‚

  2. The self check out story has to be one of my favorites too. i will never forget when you called me and told me what happened. I laughed so hard. And it is really bugging me too that the spell checker isn’t working. How can I get along without it?

  3. I think we were on the same page last night, sort of! I promise I had no knowledge of this post when I wrote about my memory problem!Now, I will go back to your post and watch the videos and read the rest….

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