To Mike HuckaBee Gone

Thank you to instapundit for the link.

So, this is not a post about Mitt Romney, but about someone I like to refer to as HucakaBEE Gone.

This is the personal e-mail I sent to the Huckabee campaign headquarters this morning. It probably won’t do any good, but it felt good to get if off my chest!

“I think that if Mike Huckabee would get rid of his religious bias Southern bigotry, he would drop out and back Mitt Romney. If he would like to keep our nation as one nation under God, he would see that it will be for the best under God to have a conservative in office. By staying in the race, it is evident that all Hucakbee wants to do is help defeat Romney. Huckabee has no chance to win and as a Republican I am ashamed that Huckabee is really so selfish and crooked that he can’t force himself to do what is best for our God created country. God help us all. “

I AM SO FRUSTRATED WITH THIS MAN! I think he is taking bribery money from the devil himself, in the form of Blue bills or greed infested selfishness.



  1. Mitt Romney is the real conservative? Are you kidding? Have you really looked in-depth into his record in Massachusetts?Mitt Romney is the John Edwards of the GOP. He’s another Souter. Why conservatives want this clown is simply beyond me.

  2. Could you please, also, send a letter to the unusually foolish governor of Utah, who, this past week, was in Florida compaigning against Romney? What is the guv. thinking? Cabinet post? Why betray so many loyalties and constituents at home? It reminds one rather of Mayor Rocky Anderson’s vulgar refusal to meet or greet Pres. Bush or the Vice president, when they visited Utah. It’s not simply that they’re both wrong on the facts, it’s that they compound the ignorance with foolish conduct.

  3. When I was getting out the vote for Fred I came across numerous people who were voting for Romney. One man said his daughter, who lives in Mass, liked Romney which gave the dad enough reason to vote for him.Romney was not my first or my second but at least he isn’t a current member of the worst Congress in the history of the United States; the three leading the race are current members of the worst Congress in the history of the United States would simply continue on with the status quo which means more misery; as in, more bashing of the troops, more hatred of America, more accusations of torture, gulags and calls to join the International Criminal Courts, more caps and regulations, more snobbery about how Americans are bigots and nativists too lazy to work, more rebates to people who never paid into the systems, more Go Green speak, just more of the same miserable people who presided over the worst Congress in the history of the United States.I don’t want to vote for four more years of the worst Congress in the hisotry of the United States.I’m voting for the anti-establishment guy until I have no choice but to choose between one establishment misery over another establishment misery.With that, if the NY Times endorses McCain what difference does my vote make?

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