Why Can’t Mormons Send Flowers?

Here’s the video, and if anyone has any advice how to post directly from YouTube, please let me know. Thanks Gina…You will all have to know that it is Gina’s fault, if I go YouTube crazy!

You can’t go wrong with a clip from the good old show Cheers. I can remember gathering in my college apartment with about 30 other people to watch the show finale.

Thanks for the clip via e-mail Valerie. Abigail was watching over my shoulder (not soldier as originally typed) and says to me, “This is a bad show.” (She heard the word damn) Oh no. Now, she won’t think I am perfect!!! Yeah right!

LG’s boss says that LG reminds them all of Norm. They mean it as a compliment….They are all in awe that wherever he goes and whoever he talks to peopel all just love him. I am not in awe. He is charming, and because he is, I never let him buy me flowers for Valentine’s Day. He knows he can get me double the flowers a week later!

Now, this is a reminder, to all you men, especially you MORE MEN, send your wives some flowers, and do it before they raise the prices for Valentine’s Day or wait until they go on clearance.



  1. I think Mormon’s are notoriously cheap, right? And that’s not a bad thing! I consider it a virtue being Mormon myself, but my husband still brings me flowers once in a while. I actually like it better when he brings me his leftovers from a work dinner. I hardly ever eat out… again, cheap.

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